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Other education activities[edit source]

Campus wikilounges[edit source]

University of Manchester and University of Liverpool are among the institutions where Wikimedia volunteers have provided "Wikilounge" events, helping students make informed use of Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Outreach Ambassador[edit source]

University of Bristol has supported a unique paid internship to explore co-working between Wikimedia UK and a university. One outcome was a Wikimedia Girl Geek Dinner hosted at the university, involving students, lecturers and the broader public.

Wikiversity[edit source]

Lecturers at University of Exeter (Economics Classroom Experiments) and University of Westminster (Political Simulation and Gaming) are among those using Wikiversity as a learning platform or to share good practice with their colleagues.

Student inductions and wiki-literacy[edit source]

Alex Stinson from the United States explains the Campus Ambassador programme at a workshop in the University of Bristol, 19 March 2011

It is important that students and pupils understand the limitations of Wikipedia (and encyclopaedias in general) as well as its usefulness. The Wikimedia community have created many resources to explain the basic concepts of reliability, neutrality and Wikipedia's internal review processes. Wikimedia UK can provide material for student inductions (Contact us).

Science learning centres[edit source]

Our work with the UK Association of Science & Discovery Centres includes a keynote at their Marketing Managers Conference and a half-day workshop at Science Learning Centre South West.

Advisory bodies[edit source]

Wikimedia UK is forming links with national advisory bodies to make sure that relevant information about the Wikimedia projects is available to teaching staff, support staff and educational developers. For example, the JISC Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards has a guide to Wikimedia Commons as a platform for Open Educational Resources.

University Wikimedians in Residence[edit source]

Wikimedia UK is working up a draft job description for /University Wikimedian in Residence and aims to establish these soon.