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Wikimedia microgrants - now available in the UK[edit | edit source]

Need a book for your Wikipedia research?

Is there a rare book you need for your Wikipedia article research? A location that you need to get to for a vital piece of information, or to do some outreach? An essential piece of equipment that will help your Wikimedia activities? Wikimedia UK might be able to help.

Microgrants are grants of between £5 and £100 that help improve or facilitate your editing or outreach activities on any Wikimedia project. Microgrants schemes have been successfully run by several other Wikimedia chapters; we're delighted to be able to bring them to the UK, starting immediately!

We aim to fund at least a dozen microgrants in the 2010-2011 financial year. You need to be a member of Wikimedia UK to apply for a microgrant - but if you're not one already, then it's easy to join. Once you've applied, then the Microgrants Committee—currently Thomas Dalton and Mike Peel—will give you feedback on your application and will let you know whether it's successful or not. Once approved, you'll be able to either spend the money and claim it back, or ask us to spend it directly for you. After the completion of the grant, you'll need to report back to let us know how it went.

The microgrants process is designed to be very easy to use. While we do require you to write a grant application before getting the grant and a report after you've finished the activity the grant is for, there is no need for those to take a long time. A couple of paragraphs for each should be absolutely fine.

We've made some microgrant examples available to give you some ideas. Please, check out the rules and then send in your application!