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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Report – Wiki Academy Bristol

All day event that took place at the Merchant Venturer’s Building at the University of Bristol on 19th March 2011.

Attendance – Fluctuated during the course of the day between 14 and around 22 people

Teachers/Trainers included the following Wikipedians: Roger Bamkin, Alex Stinson, Martin Poulter, Rod Ward, Steve Woods, William Avery

Introduction/Conclusion: Steve Virgin

Attendees included: members of the Amana Education Trust (Somalia); a group of people associated from Bristol Girl Geek Dinners organisation (which is around Masters & PhD students at the two universities); a couple of University Professors; Reps from the NUJ in Bristol; members from the Bristol Wireless Cooperative; Knowle West Media Studio rep (also a Girl Geek Dinners member); a local IT geek/developer; a retied lecturer with connections to the Somali community; Jez@Hotwells local Wikipedian; organiser of a social media collective called BRRISM (or Bristol Social Media); Digital Media Manager of the Arkive project; Digital Media Manager of the Medical Research Council.

Objectives for the day were to explain and outline

The focus of the day was on thinking strategically about mutual benefit, learning more about the process of editing & drumming up interest that can be built on for subsequent events where some of these volunteers can be involved in training people to edit and contribute. Attendees will: 1. understand the aims of Wikimedia UK and how they overlap with those of their own organisations; 2. understand the diversity of value created by the Wikimedia projects (not just the encyclopaedia); 3. think of specific things their organisation or group can do Details of what parts were taught across the day can be found here


A fairly successful & enjoyable day was had by all. One regret was the new museum opening in Bristol in July called M-Shed, where a member of the museum staff failed to attend despite promising to do so. A second regret was the failure to attend by someone from the Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

However, a success is how I would categorise it. An excellent start by the Bristol Wikipedian community in building an outreach program to promote Wikimedia & Wikipedia across the city.

Highlight – Roger Bamkin’s presentation on QR Codes at the Derby Museum

Martin Poulter's Interview on this event on BBC Radio Bristol:

Here's a blog post by an attendee - Digital Media Manager of the Media Research Council

Have added 14 photos from the day featuring speakers & audience to Wikimedia Commons

Speaker Ollie Bray[edit | edit source]

Oportunities for Wikipedia in the world of education (this is a placeholder working title - he'll get the details to me later)

So what about me…Ollie Bray information (Times Educational Supplement)

He is a qualified head teacher currently seconded to work as National Adviser for Learning and Technology Futures at Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS). LTS is the government-funded agency in Scotland responsible for curriculum design and innovation. I work within the learning and technology directorate as part of the futures team. Other projects in our directorate include GLOW (the national intranet) and Scottish Schools’ ICT.

Since November 2010 the main focus of my work has been developing Scotland’s Technologies for Learning Strategy on behalf of the Scottish Government. The expected publication date for the strategy is summer 2011.

My substantive post is Depute Head Teacher (vice-principal) at Musselburgh Grammar School in East Lothian, Scotland. I’ve worked in Scotland for the last ten years and held a variety of roles including Classroom Teacher, Head of Department, Head of Faculty and Depute Head Teacher.

I’m committed to the education of young people in Scotland, the UK and further afield. I remain passionate about the role of ICT and outdoor learning to enhance learning and teaching. This commitment has resulted in a wide variety of exciting projects and consultancy work throughout the UK and further afield. I am also very lucky to have had the opportunity to speak to a range of audiences on a number of topics.

Awards and recognition:

•2010 - Scottish Association of Geography Teachers Pubishers Award for Exploring People and Place: Level 3. •2009 - Award Winner. Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum, Brazil for ICT in the Community •2009 – First Place. Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum for ICT in the Community. •2009 – UK Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award for Computer Games Based learning. •2008 – Became Apple UK Distinguished Educator •2008 - Scottish Qualification for Headship academic course prize. •2006 – Microsoft/SQA Partners in Learning Award for Geography GEOCASTS project (some of the first on-line revision content using RSS on the web). •2005 – John Dickie Award to investigate the role of Interactive Voting Systems in the classroom. •2004 – Learning and Teaching Scotland ICT Enhancement Award from International Weather Station Project. •2003 – Learning and Teaching ICT Enhancement Award for Geography at Altitude Project. •2002 – Royal Geographical Society Award for Innovative Geography Teaching

His journey to the AGM is a little like Trains, Planes & Automobiles - taxi to catch very first plane out of Edinburgh - on to Heathrow - Heathrow Express to Paddington - then Paddington to Temple Meads in Bristol - it is more expensive than we'd normally expect (around £250) there and back - no hotel accomodation

Approval of Draft Invite to send to members to get them to attend AGM[edit | edit source]

see earlier email sent on Monday at 3.55pm to Board list for attachment

Offer of free recording of AGM[edit | edit source]

Recently joined the UK Chapter - Sam Downie His website Testimonial = he helped me coordinate all media locally for Jimmy Wales event in January (in terms of recording it all)

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • AT to work with SV on sending out AGM notices.
  • SV to work with JS on inviting speakers for the AGM/Annual Conference
  • SV to apply for travel expenses for the Bristol event on 19 March, to TD. The budget will be handled as 50% to the new Education budget, 50% to the Culture budget.
  • SV to approach the economist Noreena Hertz as a keynote speaker at the AGM