Agenda 8Apr11/Secretary's Report

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Done recently
  • Attendance at Wikimedia Chapters Meeting (see online documentation)
  • Cancer Research UK event (see BBC, Times articles)
Phone calls
  • 15 March: call from a production company wanting to use the Wikipedia logo in a scene in a TV programme. Referred to the Foundation.
  • 16 March: Enquiry about fixing an error on Wikipedia (from poland). Given basic guidance; asked to email the volunteer team for more.
  • 16 March; media enquiry about the COIB's press release about the definition of Construction Management on Wikipedia. Resulting article at [1]
Outstanding actions
  • MP to respond to Simple English Wikipedia research proposal asking for further information. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • MP to bring forward a concrete proposal on corporate membership Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • AT and MP to formally sign the accounts. Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to publicise the list of BLW winners, and sort out distributing the prizes. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP to request a report from WM Germany for chapters meeting before WMUK makes payment. Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to draft a precisely-phrased question to put to a lawyer, on liability with regards owning a wikipedia domain name Yes check.svg Done
Tasks to do
  • Upgrade CiviCRM Go-next-red.svg Carried forward (When is the best time to do this?)
  • Work through email backlog... Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Help with Trustees Report 2011 Symbol wait.svg Doing...