Agenda 2020-03-21

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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting Agenda

Saturday 21st March 2020, 11am - 4pm

Housekeeping (11am)

  1. Present and Apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Review and Approval of minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Matters arising

COVID-19 (11.15am)

  1. Update and discussion, including impact on Wikimedia UK and wider implications


Reports (1.15pm)

  1. CEO quarterly report (including branding update)
  2. Quarterly Performance Report
  3. Impact Report

Board Committee and Financial Reports (3.00pm)

  1. Report from Govcom

Including planning for AGM

  1. Report from ARC, including:
  • Draft minutes
  • Q4/Year End Financial Management Report and Commentary
  • Updated Budget and Commentary for 2020/21
  • Risks Register

Discussion about scenario planning, rebudgeting, contingency planning etc.

Appointment of New Chair (3.45pm)

AOB (3.50pm)

Meeting Closes (4pm)