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Create a Wikipedia portal at that represents the languages from and Wikimedia activities within the United Kingdom.

Outline[edit | edit source]

There are 11 Wikipedia portals run by Wikimedia chapters - see meta:Country portals. These portals provide an easy entry point into Wikipedia (via a simple search box), as well as demonstrating the wide variety of languages supported by Wikipedia that are applicable to that geographical area.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Having a UK portal would:

  • Demonstrate the wide variety of language Wikipedias relevant to the UK (including English, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, ...)
  • Provide an opportunity to highlight events happening within the UK, including the annual fundraiser
  • Highlight the various locations that Wikimedia UK uses to highlight UK events/activities/stories - e.g. the WMUK blog, the WMUK newsletter, @wikimediauk on Twitter, the facebook page, etc.
  • Provide easy access to Wikipedia by those that accidentally type '' rather than ''

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • The domain names are currently held by a friend of Wikipedia - they would need to be transferred to Wikimedia UK's ownership. This would include the cost of renewing these domains in the future. Other domains in other national top-level domains would also have to be investigated.
  • The legal implications of owning the Wikipedia domain names would need to be investigated, in particular any liability for Wikipedia's content that could be put on Wikimedia UK. This would require requesting legal opinions on this subject, and possibly also insurance against being sued based on the portal.
  • Server space that would be used to host the portal, and manpower to set it up and maintain it (could reuse the code that runs existing Wikipedia portals, which would minimize the manpower required). The cost of this is minimal.

Budget[edit | edit source]

Domain names ( 2x(£2.95+VAT) per year
Extra domain names (wikinews/wikibooks/etc.) £2.95+VAT per year per domain
Hosting Negligible - using existing webhost
Legal enquiries £300? Depends on depth of investigation.

Volunteering[edit | edit source]

  • Minimal volunteers are involved, aside from setting up the portal to start with.
  • User:Mike Peel can help with setting up the domain name, hosting, and portal.

Features[edit | edit source]

Should contain:

  • A Wikipedia search box, with options for various UK languages (probably with English highlighted as a default)
  • Links to, and numbers of articles in, the various UK Wikipedias
  • Ditto for the other UK-related Wikimedia projects
  • Links to UK-specific events, or international events of interest to people in the UK
  • (During the fundraiser period) banners asking people to support Wikipedia in the UK

Discussion[edit | edit source]