ARC minutes 2016-09-01

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Attendees[edit | edit source]

Carol Campbell, Greyham Dawes, Kate West, Megan Griffith Gray, Davina Johnson, Lucy Crompton-Reid

Apologies[edit | edit source]

Alastair McCapra

Notes of previous meeting and matters arising[edit | edit source]

Procurement Policy and procedures are now complete

QMFR and commentary[edit | edit source]

Davina and Lucy went through the QMFR and commentary for the first six months of the year.

It was noted that as we use a fully absorbed costing model for the accounts then this pushes underspends in administration into programmes and we need to be aware that to assess variances we need to look at direct costs.

ARC was pleased to note that programme spending is on target for the year.

We have some underspends which have compensated for underachieving our income targets. The attrition rate for the DD givers is higher than anticipated. Planning is in place to contact these givers later this year and the results of this will inform both future planning and budgets.

ARC noted the CEO comments on new income. It was noted that the budget profile was flat which was unrealistic. However the CEO has been unable to devote as much time as she would like to this area of work. ARC look forward to the staffing changes which should support the CEO in this area.

We had some discussion on the outturn for the full year and the CEO will include comments on this in her board report.

Risk Assessment[edit | edit source]

ARC intended to complete a full review of the Risk Register at this meeting, however pressure on the agenda meant that we only had time to review the changes to the register.

ARC reviewed the changes and recommended some minor changes.

It was agreed that as the November ARC meeting would need to focus on the 2017/18 budgets and the year end projections that we should try to schedule an extra meeting just to focus on risk - both the risks and the format of the register.

FDC planning[edit | edit source]

The CEO updated us on the progress of the planning for the FDC bid.

The FDC has instigated a change in the metrics and we now have the opportunity to introduce two metrics of our own choice. The CEO will introduce this as a discussion point at the board meeting.

ARC were happy with the progress so far.

Staff changes[edit | edit source]

Following the resignation of the Office Manager the CEO has taken the opportunity to review both the role and organisational need. She is proposing to split the role into two posts. One will be part time and focus on finance and the other will provide office management, operational, membership and fundraising support, as well as administrative support for HR matters and for the board. Kate in her role as HR trustee will help with the recruitment of this post.

ARC reviewed the costing of the proposals and as the budget impact is minimal in the current financial year ARC is happy that the changes are within the CEO’s scheme of delegation.

Office Move[edit | edit source]

Little has happened over the summer months. ARC will review progress on this in full at the November meeting in order to update the board in December as planned. Due to the length of time and staffing changes since this piece of work started we will review the needs assessment and the planning process at the same time. It was noted that some comments had been made on the Wiki suggesting that a move out of London should be considered. These will be answered by the CEO.

Aligning reporting with strategic goals[edit | edit source]

This is about changing the format of the QMFR so that it better reflects our strategy. It was noted that the QMFR format predates our strategy documents and although attempts have been made to align them we really need a complete review. ARC agreed that the format review should take place and provided Davina can manage the transition the new format could be in place for the beginning of the next financial year. ARC will review to ensure that the new format will enable SORP compliance.

Membership and fundraising[edit | edit source]

The CEO updated ARC on both membership and fundraising.

ARC was pleased to note that - emails are now being send to lapsed members - Lucy has emailed lapsed members and although she had no replies a number of lapsed members immediately rejoined. - plans are under way for the first mail out to the people who give by DD - Lucy is planning to talk to the foundation about sending an email to UK givers who have donated through the banner fundraising campaign

AOB[edit | edit source]

Pensions due date All but two staff are in the pensions scheme and the new legislation will have no impact on our costs as pensions have been provided for all staff in the budget.

Date of next meeting[edit | edit source]

This will be arranged by doodle poll