ARC Minutes 2014-01-21

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ARC meeting January 21st 2014. Development House. 2pm.

Present: Greyham Dawes, Carol Campbell, Kate West, Jon Davies.

Minutes of November 28th[edit | edit source]


Outstanding actions from previous ARC meetings[edit | edit source]

29 April 2013 (ARC)[edit | edit source]

ACTION 2:: A framework is needed to review the risk register with major stakeholders (Volunteers, Trustees and Staff). ARC to create this framework within 6 months.

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 4:: Summary of Insurances to be produced for the board of trustees as part of an annual review of the adequacy of insurance cover. This to include cover for Trustees, Volunteers and Staff and the professional liability insurance that covers advice, reports and work done by contractors and agents. [Sept 2013]

RS to be done by EMail

ACTION 6:: (Prevention) The 2014 AGM to be moved to September 2014 to make a manageable accounting and reporting cycle. Resolution to be publicly presented in time for the 2013 AGM. [JD, May 2013]

Will be in September in 2015 and 2016.

ACTION 9:: Budget holders in the Action Plan need a defined role making it clear their duties and delegated powers, and supporting training where needed. How this fits with program and project management will require clarification. [JD to schedule and recommend how this will be delivered in the June Board meeting.]

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 10:: Linked supply transactions should limited to a total of £5,000 in a financial year without prior review with the board of trustees. [GD, May 2013]

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 11:: An appropriate system of checks and balances should be assured in the system design and policies for the charity, where it applies to the regulatory and legal records of the charity. A documented review is required of how this applies to holding the charity's records on Sage, and on UK Wikis, with the associated powers of admins and bureaucrats to amend the record/potential audit trail. [JD and GD to recommend possible improvements by Sept 2013]

Remitted to Davina.

ACTION 12:: An independent audit to be commissioned to assess the procurement procedures, policy and their implementation. Particularly for consistency of open tenders and how contract records, and records of contract review, are maintained. [GD and JD to arrange for October 2013]

Remitted to Davina.

26 July 2013 (ARC)[edit | edit source]

ACTION 2:: Jon to circulate draft revised Finance Policy for Board approval.

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 9:: Alastair to bring record of previous board decisions to the next Board meeting for decision

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 10:: Alastair to bring the issue of where the fixed asset register should be published to the next Board meeting for decision

Yes check.svg Done Resolved

ACTION 11:: Jon to follow up on financial reporting on the public wiki

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION 12:: Jon to follow up procurement audit by arranging for test of the procurement flowchart and obtain tenders for a single-topic procurement process audit.

Davina to work on this in February.
Deferred until February

ACTION 14:: ARC to review finance capacity of the office after Q3.

X mark.svg Not done But now in balance.

7 December 2013 (Board)[edit | edit source]

ACTION:: AMC to add anti-bribery policy paper to next ARC agenda

Yes check.svg Done

ACTION:: AMC to add the matter of separate signatories for deposit and reserve accounts is to be referred to the ARC Committee to next ARC agenda

Yes check.svg Done

4. Financial procedures revision The draft was discussed and amendments agreed to go forward to the board for a vote.

5. Revised expenses policy. The draft was discussed and amendments agreed to go forward to the bard for a vote.

6. Review of draft Anti-Bribery Policy. It was agreed to refer back to Katherine for a slimmed down version at next ARC.

7. Cash reserves bank accounts. Agreed that a 60 day ‘account’ would be OK. RS to look for a couple of suitable banks.

8. Imprest Bank Account RS and JD looking for a suitable bank that will maximise flexibility and minimise paperwork.

9. Review of Risk Register. A discussion was held and JD to consider one specific risk with a view to amending for next ARC and thence to Board.

10. Review of JD’s management forecast for staff time. Received.