2014 Activity Plan/Communications

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Lead member of staff

Stevie Benton

Indicative budget amount

£10,000, to include the Annual Review (£3,000 as an indication)

Description and overall rationale

We will seek to represent the Wikimedia movement to the fullest extent within the UK, and the wider movement, particularly in terms of public affairs and advocacy. This budget allows for us to attend conferences and events related to open knowledge and open access. It also allows us to influence opinion formers and policy makers in appropriate fields. It will support ongoing work to build and develop a coalition of fellow traveller organisations to allow for greater collaboration and add volume to our collective voice. To this end it will also support the hosting of a small event to bring together individuals and organisations to explore the potential of future collaboration and the exertion of collective influence. It also allows for the production of appropriate communications materials such as our annual review booklet, guide to Wikimedia Commons and guide to getting started with Wikipedia.

Timelines - i.e. what happens quarter by quarter
  • Q1
    • working on creating the Annual Review
    • working on creating the GLAM booklet (via other staff members and volunteers)
  • Q2
    • publishing and circulating of the Annual Review
    • publishing and circulating the GLAM booklet (ready for Wikimania 2014)

Majority of other work ongoing.

Success criteria and Metrics - overall and quarter by quarter breakdown if relevant
  • Negative media or blog severely damages reputation.
  • Hostile or apathetic media - Media receptivity or support insufficient to achieve mission/strategy
  • Similar with External opinion formers or External organisations