2014 Activity Plan/Board costs

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Lead member of staff

Jon Davies

Indicative budget amount


Description and overall rationale

This funding is allocated to support the board meetings, board training and exceptionally in the July 2014 the external review recommended by the Hudson Report. This allowance of up to £10,000 accounts for the increase in the budget although the change in size from 7 to 11 trustees and the institution of our Governance Committee and Audit and Risk Committee will have an impact.

Our aim is to ensure that our trustees are supported and able to carry out their duties with sufficient support.

Timelines - i.e. what happens quarter by quarter
  • Overall, this is an ongoing activity area where in each quarter we will check that the operational guidelines (listed below) are being followed.
  • By the end of Q2 - achieve the Hudson Report recommendations
  • Board meetings throughout the year, as noted here.
Success criteria and Metrics - overall and quarter by quarter breakdown if relevant

  • Lack of clear strategy, or the wrong strategy, or the failure to identify opportunities and take advantage (to mitigate, Quarterly reports from CEO on objectives, Consult community on creating five year plan)
  • Governance and leadership is ineffective (Respond to Compass review, Communicate positives, Manage meetings well, Review Board performance)
  • Board capacity is insufficient for short term governance challenges (to mitigate delegate effectively to the CEO and staff, amend Board size, manage Board agenda and meetings)