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The Wikipedia Library – Introduction and steps to setup a local branch
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
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The Wikipedia Library
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The Wikipedia Library (TWL) is a place for editors to find and do research more easily and collaboratively. It helps the community members to have the following facilities: have a place for editors to trade or share online resources, have collaborations with journals or research databases to give editors access, help with digitizing books or journals, pages listing available free/open access resources, community outreach portal for librarians, archivists, or GLAM professionals, have relationships with universities or university libraries through education programs in your region.
Every language community can adapt the Wikipedia Library model to their own community's needs. Many new branches will start small and grow in different directions than English TWL. While each branch will be unique, you are not alone in setting it up. The Wikipedia Library team is ready to help you with setup, communications, outreach, organization, management, and building a network of collaborators.
What will attendees take away from this session?
Attendees will get the basic idea of The Wikipedia Library; its importance and functioning. They'll get to know the role that TWL plays in improving the citations on Wikipedia and its sister projects, and how TWL can help their research while contributing to Wikipedia articles. As mentioned in the abstract, setting up a local branch for a community will be of lot of help to the editors of that community, and eventually they'll get to know the various steps involved and things to be taken care to set up a local branch of TWL.
Theme of session
  • GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums)
  • The Wikipedia Library
  • Referencing
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Final, Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (talkmail) 18:09, 11 March 2018 (GMT)

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